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Catherine Bear is devoted to helping others in choosing a path of natural physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Good health is not only being free from disease but is openness, flexibility and compassion of all things in nature.

The Author of The Life of a Rose invites you to share her experiences, hoping this book will guide you or someone you know to receive a healing or the knowledge of how to work on aspects of yourself.

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The Life of a Rose is a Journey about the author delving into issues of physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuses beginning in childhood and ending at the point where she finds herself at rebirth.  Conditioned to these abuses early in life, the author found herself dealing with the very same issues in a relationship with the man she loved and chose to marry.  Leaving the life of rural America the author found herself in big cities and the foreign country Iran.  She takes you along with her through three sets of poetry as she processed her past life and learns the art of taking responsibility of her own life, taking her own power.  The author conquers her fears and in doing so takes control of her life.  As she recognizes she is in control, her ability to be in charge of her own life increases..... Blossoms like a Rose.

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